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Special Feature
People looking for the unique or the unusual in the domain of edible art often find their way to Dominique Jarry Sugar Art Inc., simply by word of mouth. A case in point is the experience of the creative director for Adbusters, a magazine with a circulation of 85,000 in 60 countries. For the 2002 November/December issue, in keeping with the food theme of that edition, he was looking for someone to transform his ideas into an edible picture that could be used on the magazine's cover page.

A phone call or so later, he was directed to Dominique Jarry.

Using a combination of chocolate,chocolate paste, fondant, royal icing, and food colouring, Mr. Jarry was able to realize the client's vision to such a degree that the in-relief image, as well as the script font that he developed for the project, were used, unaltered, on the front cover of the magazine. The final effect proved to be so popular that a postcard with the same image was also published by the company.

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